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Thursday, January 10, 2013

What is your vintage obsession?

After all you must have some passion for vintage items if you've been reading this blog for more than a few minutes!
Tell all! 
Here are a few of my childhood treasures! They make me smile!

Teacups anyone?

They are one of my passions I admit.  I like a nice teacup. 
I don't have a massive collection just one full set of six and then some odds and ends which form a kind of crazy teaset.
This one I bought for a friend with a similar obsession who likes lustreware (another one) who liked the sound of my description of it. While I am not a fan of yellowy colours, I like the little feet and the pierced saucer. $15 at the local markets.

Thrift shops and flea markets are like a magnet to me. I can't see one without wanting to go in and check out what treasures are on offer. 
I don't always find things but I enjoy the experience of looking.
Sometimes I find things to give as gifts - items I think will suits friend's tastes.  Which is how this pretty lustreware pin dish came home with me.  One of my friend's loves lustreware and the dish told me it was for her. The cup and saucer is modern but with a nod to vintage designs.

Welcome to my vintage world

I have other blogs, only one of which I regularly post on but I realised I wanted to blog about my love of all things vintage and frankly old!
I'm getting that way myself. 
Now I no longer expect things to be perfect I feel much more comfortable.  Perfection apart from being impossible is actually very, very tiring.
I don't want perfection, I want life.
I love thrift shops, I love second hand stores, I love flea markets and antique shops although the last is usually way too expensive for me.
I'm a collector of course but an eclectic one. I only buy what I like, the things that speak to me and intrigue. And even when I see things I like, I don't always buy them.  My tastes range from clothing and accessories through to toys and household items - I even have old electrical components!I hope you enjoy my blog and come back and visit when you have the time.
And so we have a nice picture to look at this is what's left of my Dad's old Meccano plane from the 1930s. I did look up the number to find the exact year but I've forgotten it. Not that it matters. I just think it's rather lovely!